Be the ultimate Fashionista with Brazilian Deep Wave

Along with your clothes, bags and footwear, hair is one important thing which makes you look completely fashionable and admirable if you take care of it. When it comes to get stylish hair, women spend prodigally even it's just the matter of one occasion. And they have every right to spend their hard-earned money on all kind of styling and color they want. But treating your hair with different chemicals often leave harsh results on them which may lead to more dire consequences such hair-fall, dandruff and pigmentation.
A smart solution to save your hair from all these ill-effects is using deep wave hair extensions. Brazilian deep wave is a product which may look unreal but it is made up of 100% virgin human hair. What it means is the hair extension that you'll wear additionally, somebody else's hair which is as alive as yours. And this is also true, shaving the hair off the scalp doesn't mean that the hair is dead, hair is protected by a substance called cuticle which is…

Be an undisputed Diva with exquisite hairstyles

What does it take to become style queen or diva every time you step out of home? Off course the clothes, shoes and jewellery make an ensemble for you to look great. But all your efforts will go in vain if the hair look dull, that's why, you need to ensure that you don the best hairstyle always. And it is only possible with remy hair extensions that give yourself liberty of wearing any hairdo without thinking about time and efforts it takes. That's right, with hair extensions or wefts, it is possible to possess great looks instantly.
Clip n Hair extensions are natural hair which given away as a donation by women in many parts of the world. One major community of such donors exists in India as well which makes it one of the biggest exporters of jet black hair extensions in the world. In India, women donate hair out of religious beliefs rather than merely earning. In various temples of Southern India, you can see mass donation of hair taking place and women show incredible enthusi…

30 Inches Long Body Wave Color 1B Indian Weave

30 inches long body wave color 1B Indian weave is definitely something you can't miss. This particular hair weft is introduced to make you stand apart from the crowd. This can add oomph to your looks and make you dazzle. This is 100% virgin human hair and the cuticles are intact to make all the hair go in one direction. These Indian hair are very strong in texture and shiny outside. And the hair used in this weft is not a stray collection, this is a collection of specially picked hair by experts.

This particular piece of hair weft will not only be more shiny and strong, it will also last very long. The hair that Indian women possess is unparalleled in terms of strength. It begets endless chances of styling which you may feel hesitant doing to your own hair. We all love to experiment with our hair but fear of hair loss haunts us and prevents us to do all that. This hair weft will bestow that creative liberty to you, the firmness of these hair can't be diminished by styling and …

22 Inch Straight Natural Brazilian Blonde Hair Weft

Brazilian hair wefts are hugely popular for their strength and shine. They are very soft and thick in texture, providing versatility for different types of styling. With different styling, comes the risk of hair being dull, lacking shine and they also become prone to fall intrinsically. In Vipin Hair Extensions we provide care to the hair weft, without chemically processing them. We use cutting edge technology to process the hair, so the cuticles remain intact and all the hair go in one direction.

We have introduced a new range of 22 inch straight natural Brazilian blonde hair weft which will give you a blonde look that you yearned for. Blond hair give you a distinct appearance and make you stand apart from the crowd. They are mostly longed by the Asian women where the natural color of hair is black. In countries like US, UK, Canada and Australia blond hair are quite common due to climatic conditions.

Brazil is a country with great hair diversity, you can get probably all types of hai…

Natural Indian Wavy Short to Long Hair

Natural Indian human hair is very soft in texture; they are also very strong and versatile. Indian hairs are comparatively stronger due high usage of oils. They also become very shiny owing to the same reason. We process the Indian hair with cutting edge technology which keeps the cuticles intact. After this procedure, all the hair go in the same direction and they last really long. There is a large variety in human hair and we have a collection of all types of hair as per your liking. 
Straight Hair - Straight hair are opined to be the strongest and shiniest of all hair types. It is also very durable and difficult to curl. Because of its sheen and texture, it is considered to be the most oily as well.
Wavy Hair - Wavy hair are somewhere between straight and curly hair. They also tend to get more crimped than straight hair. The advantage of having this type of hair is, you can alternate between straight and curly hair.

Curly Hair - This hair type is little difficult to manage, due to its…

Peruvian Virgin Hair Extension and Weave